Monday, January 25, 2010

Simply Saturday

This past weekend was pretty standard.  Lots of friend time, boyfriend time, and football.  A couple highlights that you can only enjoy in San Francisco:

Chrissy field: Despite the week of intense rain we have been having, Mother Nature spared us a few hours on Saturday - the perfect opportunity for a lovely stroll through Chrissy Field.  Starting on Chestnut street, the beau and I grabbed a latte and went for a 4 mile walk to the base of the Golden Gate Bridge and back.  No matter how many times I've walked, ran, skipped along this path, it is always enjoyable and unique.  With views of Alcatraz,  the Presidio, and the Bay, it is truly beautiful.  Everything was magnified due to the rain that had cleansed all the smug and made the trees even brighter.

Protest / Rally:  A Saturday in San Francisco is never complete before you accidentally run into some kind of protest, march, rally, or festival.  So, in good fashion, on our way back from Chrissy Field, an anti-abortion rally was occurring with streets barricaded, chanting, and lots of signage.  After doing some research, the march occurred due to the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Authentic Thai Cuisine:  One amazing part of San Francisco is the abundance and variety of awesome restaurants!  On Saturday night, I was on a mission to find the best Thai in San Francisco.  After reviewing many restaurants on Yelp and reaching out to trusted foodie friends, I found the gem.  The beau and I went cross-city from the Marina District to Inner Sunset to dine at Marnee Thai.   It was definitely worth it.  It's always fun to venture to a new district of SF because it feels like you are in a completely different city - each has a unique personality of it's own.

i <3 SF.


  1. Emily - can't wait to read more! We rented an apt last year off Polk Street and loved the area. Drove out with our dog who loved the doggie playtimes at Fort Mason. Have you been to Zushi Puzzle ? it's our favorite sushi place in the city.
    This looks great!

  2. What a great picture and a fascinating description of SF! I loved SF when I visited but I guess I never really got its full flavour. Looking forward to more..

    Devi Mohan

  3. Cool pics of SF. I grew up around the bay area and absolutely love it. It brings back memories of all the unique sights, smells and sounds of Northern California. Can't wait to read more.

  4. Beautiful header and wonderful pictures. I love San Fran too. What an exciting city! Can't wait to read more.

  5. Nancy - I went to Zushi Puzzle on Friday night for the first time. DELICIOUS! I can never get a reservation, but finally did. Definitely a top sushi spot in SF.