Friday, January 29, 2010

Doggie dates with my imaginary hound

When I was brainstorming ideas for this blog, I thought a great theme would be "dog-friendly in SF".  For example, dog-friendly parks, walks, restaurants, events, apartment buildings, best puppy day care, grooming, etc.  Only problem - I don't have a pup!

I am a huge dog lover and I often ponder about what it would be like to have a canine in the city.  Clearly, I am not the first to hone in on this topic.  There are a million resources out there about dog-friendly everything, but many are geared toward travelers and not locals.  I did some digging and these were my favorite dog-friendly activities in SF:

For now, I will continue to pretend I have a 4 legged friend as a stroll the urban landscape.  I'm fairly certain I will be part of the San Francisco dog club one glorious day :)


  1. How about a list of hotels that allow dogs ? We stayed at the Fairmont (found a great deal!) with our dog. I have pictures of her laying in the lobby...if you tell me how to add a photo to the post, I will add it to your blog. They were AMAZINGLY dog friendly there.
    Nancy (from class)

  2. We really enjoyed just sitting in the parks in SF when we were there in 2008, watching people playing with their dogs. Inspired us to just take the plunge last year. It's even better than we had expected it to be. It's interesting how many things are available for dogs in everday life. you just don't notice them until you need them.
    Regards, Davina