Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Festivals de Film

With the likes of YouTube, one can get an off beat film or indy entertainment at the click of the mouse.  However, there is something so fun about attending film festivals.  There is a sense of thrill in the air as many of these films have yet to be debuted and a friendly competitive spirit of who receives the most impressive applause.

Apparently, SF has a ton of unique film festivals including the largest International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, City Shorts, Earthdance: Environmental Film Festival, Hi/Lo Film Festival... and many many more.

I have to admit, I am not a film festival hoppin' artsy bohemian.  But I did have the pleasure to go to Campus Moviefest's Western Regional Finale in SF.  Campus Moviefest is the largest student film festival in the world.  I attended because my brother and his incredibly talented friends won Best Picture and my brother won Best Actor at UCLA's Campus Moviefest.

Students had a week to produce a 5 minute film - films ranged from slap slick comedies to intense dramas.  There were so many awesome shorts.  The most exciting part of the festival was the award show, of course.  Especially when my brother and his group known as The Wait List won Best Picture of the entire Western region for their film, The Butterfly King.  The film has since been to Sundance Film Festival, scheduled for San Luis Obispo International Film Festival, and will compete in Campus Moviefest's International Finale in June.

They are a talented group to look out for -  Check out their other films at  The Wait List Website.  I hope to attend more film festivals in the future and report more winnings of up an coming filmmakers.

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